Accessing Digital Content on the Learning Site

Accessing Digital Content on the Learning Site

To activate digital product(s), go to and sign up for a teacher account. Click Codes when inside the Learning Site and enter the batch key provided in this letter. The batch key will unlock access codes for your purchase. Access codes will activate 1-year subscriptions to digital products like FlexText® and Explorer.

Email or call 1 (888) 302-2519 with questions or concerns.

Understanding code management

The code administrator is a person in your district or school who has been designated to unlock and distribute codes, or delegate code assignment. If you are the code administrator, you can use a batch key to unlock your codes. The batch key is a 16-digit code unique to your district or school and the titles purchased.  

Batch keys unlock groups of access codes. To unlock a group of access codes, click Codes in the Learning Site navigation bar and click Unlock to enter the corresponding batch key.  

The group of codes can now be assigned to individual students or teachers. One way to use the Codes tab is to assign a group of codes to individual teachers or other admin. The code administrator can send codes to multiple people at the same time. Those teachers or admin can then assign the codes they have been given to other teachers or directly to students. This is known as code assignment. 

Any admin or teacher with codes assigned to him or her can sort those codes in the Codes tab by Textbook, Code, Type, Assigned On date, Owner, or Status. 

Key Terms 

• Codes tab: A location on the Learning Site where administrators and teachers can track and distribute access codes for students.
• Batch key: A unique series of letters and numbers that unlocks groups of access codes.
• Code administrator: A person in your district or school who has been designated to use a batch key to unlock and distribute codes, or delegate code assignment.
• Access code: A unique series of letters and numbers that activate individual subscriptions to Learning Site components like Explorer courses and FlexText® digital textbooks.


Basic functions 

Delegating code assignment (UNLOCK)

Teachers who receive codes from the code administrator can either assign some or all the codes to another teacher or distribute codes to individual students. For example, if the code administrator is a district coordinator, the coordinator can distribute batches of codes to multiple department heads and those department heads can distribute codes to individual classroom teachers. 

Assigning codes (ASSIGN)

Once the access codes have been delegated to the teacher who will distribute them to the individual student, it's simple to get students started. Simply click Codes in the navigation bar, click Assign and enter the students' email addresses. Students need to create their own account on the Learning Site to access materials, however, codes can be assigned before or after a student creates his or her own Learning Site account as long as the same email address is used. 

Keeping track of large code batches

If your school or district has many codes or codes for multiple years, a useful feature is the Summary tab, where you can see when codes were assigned, and the number of codes that remain available for each title. 

Revoking codes (REVOKE)

Once assigned to teachers or admin, the code administrator can revoke a code at any point until the code is used to activate a Learning Site component. Once a code is used to activate a product, it cannot be revoked. 


Code management is easy with the Codes tab built-in search function. You can search by name, code, title, or any other keyword. 

Archiving (ARCHIVE)

To clean up and manage your list, click Archive and then click the check boxes to select items. Clicking Show archived will make these visible.